My Voice Will Be Heard


Unleash the significance of music for Hazara girls in this evocative artwork. Within a sea of blue burkas, aspirations arise to be the captivating lady in red, renowned for her enchanting voice. Symbolizing silenced Afghan girls, the blue figures convey the suppression of their voices. Shedding light on the present, the artwork reflects the Taliban’s oppressive imposition of eye patches, restricting women to see through a single eye.

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Disclaimer :

The NFT token buyer shall possess a limited right to the artwork. The NFT token owner will receive a digital certificate of the Token, highlighting their contribution to Flowers for The Future. It is important to note that the NFT does not grant any additional rights or uses of the artwork. However, the physical copy of the artwork is available for purchase separately at an additional cost. All NFT sales are final, and no legal claims after the exchange are allowed.